You are welcome to Klooster Nieuwkerk Goirle for all important events in life. Did you know that we also take great care of your farewell ceremony?

Farewell ceremony

We can organize for you a beautiful, appropriate farewell, with a select number of people with suitable music, a pleasant environment and the possibility for condolences. You can do that either in our chapel, in one of our rooms but also outside on our estate, next to the small Lourdes cave. Together we will take care of a worthy farewell.

After that the monastery offers plenty of possibilities to sit together with family and friends just to have a chat whilst enjoying some nice foods and drinks. These are often the occasion where families meet again since long, where beautiful memories come to life, memories with a tear and with laughter  and where you can say farewell in a dignified way.


View our video for an impression of the event. For further information please contact us.

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